When we're far from our friends and family, feeling and staying connected is difficult

Mid-Air Touch: Feel Present

Enhance a video call on your phone, tablet, or computer, or pair it with virtual and augmented reality headsets for an immersive experience.  Feel present when communicating with friends and family, and interact with a virtual environment as if you were there, with no need for controllers or gloves.

We are digitizing our sense of touch!  Our team of world class engineers, scientists and designers have created an extraordinary device that adds our sense of touch to our communications


Sound is a pressure wave, and by focusing the output of multiple custom ultrasonic speakers, the inaudible acoustic force can be felt at any point in space within a "cone of interaction" above the device.


Our custom algorithms (enabled by our device) can simulate the countour of a digital object or shape, re-create a caress, and model an interaction. Our technology integrates with video-calls, and with VR/AR devices and content.

We dream of a world where we can fully connect with our loved ones from anywhere

What if you could hold your friend's hand in a time of sadness, high-five your brother on a recent achievement, shake your business partner's hand in augmented reality, or just reach out and touch a whale in virtual reality, all without the need for gloves, controllers, or additional wearables.

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